sq ft.

A rare opportunity to take advantage of. A perfect space for a small/medium fleet operation to park trailers and power units. The lot is a currently dirt and parking location will vary based on your need(s).


24/7 Access


Rules & Safety

Please recognize that each property has its own set of specific rules, policies, and guidelines that will be provided in detail at the completion of your lease, license agreement, or reservation. As a standard set of guidelines Vesper expects all individual drivers and fleet operations to adhere to these core principals.

  • Respect the property and space you’re occupying as if it were your own.
  • Leave each space or property in equal or better condition than when you arrived.
  • Take accountability for any damage to other vehicles, structures, buildings, or any unlisted components of the property you’re occupying.
Florence Speedway Fleet Parking
12234 US-42


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